Many videos are floating out on the web showing so many new male and female strippers that say that can show up to your stripper party especially miles around Long Beach , Los Angeles , Santa Barbara , Bakersfield , and California. But the question is how many of those exotic dancers will really show up at your reservation ? the answer is probably about 15% but with our stripper help office out of long beach you get the exotic dancers that you picked about 99% of the time, We check their schedule , times , dates , and will tell you hands on if the stripper is open for your show and we always do cash orders so you dont feel trapped paying with a credit card
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Always have a bedroom , bathroom , or garage ready for your stripper to change in when they arrive at your show if its a surprise, Sometimes our dancers can not drive with their cop , firman , construction worker , fed ex , ups , military , gq , cowboy , or any crazy costume they might have on at the time so the best thing is to set a room seperate for these performers to do the event perfect for you.

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